Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans
Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans

Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans

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Product Details


Meet the Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans, the new black! If you want to buy the ultimate Harajuku Rainbow Patchwork Jeans, this offer is for you! Because when manufacturing this item, we used only top quality materials. Moreover, we are glad to offer you a competitive price. In addition, our store provides you with the following:

  • a product which meets all the production standards;
  • fast worldwide delivery;
  • total security of payment.

Therefore, most of our previous customers are happy with their Harajuku Mid Waist Jeans and ready to recommend us. Still have doubts? Then look at the product specifications below.


In other words, the combination of the unique design and perfect quality makes this amazing product a byword for a good purchase. So, hit ADD TO CART and enjoy!


What is it made out of?
When manufacturing our Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans, we use only quality materials. So, there’s no reason to worry.

Does this Harajuku Rainbow Patchwork Jeans give off any smell that could put me off?
It’s safe to say you won’t experience any troubles with smell from the Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans because we choose the manufacturing resources very carefully and avoid the materials that might cause this trouble.

Are you sure this product is affordable?
It’s a good offer considering the prices in other online and offline stores, so you are unlikely to find a better offer.

I can’t find the price. How much does it cost?
Glad you liked it! It costs US $64.00.

I’m not sure the Rainbow Patchwork Mid Waist Jeans will suit me. I don’t want to order and then regret it.
Please, double check the Color and Size before ordering. However, if you still don’t like the product, you can ask for a refund.

Can I post a photo of my purchase on social media?
You don’t need our permission to post your photos with our products. So, feel free to do so if you will.


How do you prevent the package from damage during shipment?
We take packing responsibly since it’s one of the most crucial aspects of online shopping. So, you have nothing to worry about!

What to do if I don’t get my order or it is faulty?
We appreciate our customers. That’s why we offer a full return if something bad happens to their packages.

How many do you have?
Even though the number of the items available for purchase is decreasing daily, there will be enough product units for you if you place your order today. So hurry up!

I want another variation of the Harajuku Rainbow Patchwork Jeans, but I’ve already placed an order! What should I do?
You just need to let our support team know about the problem, so that they could change or cancel your order.

I like the Harajuku Rainbow Patchwork Jeans, but do you have the authorization to sell this product?
When selling these and other items, we strictly follow the legal regulations obligatory for this sphere.

Is it possible to buy the Harajuku Rainbow Patchwork Jeans offline?
You might see similar items in regular stores, but the price will most likely be higher than ours.

Size Length (cm / inch) Waist (cm / inch) Hips (cm / inch) Cuff (cm / inch) Front Crotch (cm / inch) Rear Crotch (cm / inch)
25 87 / 34.25 64.5 / 25.39 83.5 / 32.87 33 / 12.99 23.5 / 9.25 32.5 / 12.80
26 88.5 / 34.84 67 / 26.38 86 / 33.86 34 / 13.39 25 / 9.84 33 / 12.99
27 90 / 35.43 69.5 / 27.36 88.5 / 34.84 35 / 13.78 24.5 / 9.65 33.5 / 13.19
28 91.5 / 36.02 72 / 28.35 91 / 35.83 36 / 14.17 25 / 9.84 34 / 13.39
29 93 / 36.61 74.5 / 29.33 93.5 / 36.81 37 / 14.57 25.5 / 10.04 34.5 / 13.58
30 94.5 / 37.20 77 / 30.31 96 / 37.80 38 / 14.96 26 / 10.24 35 / 13.78
31 96 / 37.80 79.5 / 31.30 98.5 / 38.78 39 / 15.35 26.5 / 10.43 35.5 / 13.98


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