Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress
Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress

Loose Short Sleeved Mini Lolita Dress

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Product Details


If you are interested in Harajuku Dresses, here comes our new Lolita Loose Mini Dress. You might think there is nothing special about it; however, please, feel free to learn the features of our Short Sleeved Lolita Dress, and you’ll understand that this is quite an interesting offer! Above all, this product is made of premium materials only, yet at the same time it doesn’t cost a fortune!

In addition, our store is glad to provide our customers with the following:

  • timely worldwide shipping;
  • secure payment system;
  • experienced support team.

If you would like to see more info, look at the section below!


In addition, we guarantee worldwide shipping and a full refund if you don’t like what you get. In other words, click on ADD TO CART button, and just in a few days, you will enjoy your new Short Sleeved Lolita Dress.


Is your Short Sleeved Lolita Dress of good quality? Can I be sure it won’t fall apart in my hands, hurt me or something?
When manufacturing this product, we use only quality materials. So, there’s no reason to worry.

What makes your Lolita Loose Mini Dress competitive?
It’s a good choice if you want value for money because we keep an eye on the market and what other web stores have, and we know we’re offering an attractive price for it.

Why does it only cost US $39.00 if it’s so good?
We work directly with the suppliers. Thus, we are able to cut down the expenses on logistics.

Do I have to pay any taxes in case of buying this product? How do I know it?
If an item is taxed in your location, all the necessary taxes will be included in the final price. So, you’ll be able to see it on the checkout page.

I’m not sure if I really want this? Should I buy?
It is one of the best market options in terms of its value for money! So we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Do you mind if I post a photo of your product on Facebook or Instagram?
If you want to place the photos of our products on the Internet, you’re free to do so. Certainly, you won’t face any objection on our part.


How do you avoid your products breaking on their way to customers?
We treat proper product packaging as our top priority because we understand how important it is for customers all over the globe to receive their purchases in perfect condition.

Can I place an order with several products in it?
We don’t put any limits on your order value, so you can buy as many products as you want.

How can I contact you to learn more about my order?
Look at the bottom of the page to see the ways to contact our support service. Feel free to use any of them because we will happily anwer any questions on various matters.

Does the expected shipping time match the actual delivery period?
We always do everything possible to calculate the time of your Lolita Loose Mini Dress delivery in the most accurate way. Yet, there could be some setbacks during shipping that we’re not able to predict. Still, the delay won’t exceed several days.

Is it possible to buy the Short Sleeved Lolita Dress offline?
Finding the same Lolita Loose Mini Dress in a regular store is only likely if someone resells these products. However, it usually means a higher price.

What makes you better than other stores?
It’s our top priority to provide you with the items of the highest quality and first-class customer service.

Size Shoulder (cm / inch) Chest (cm / inch) Sleeve (cm / inch) Length (cm / inch)
M 37 / 14.57 88 / 34.65 31 / 12.20 74 / 29.13
L 38 / 14.96 92 / 36.22 32 / 12.60 75 / 29.53
XL 39 / 15.35 96 / 37.80 33 / 12.99 76 / 29.92
XXL 40 / 15.75 100 / 39.37 34 / 13.39 77 / 30.31


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